Mental Health Law

It’s no easy task caring for a mentally ill child, sibling, parent or spouse. The countless legal, clinical and family issues can be complicated and confusing. There is rarely only one “right” answer. The counsel of an experienced attorney can help you understand the available choices, so that you can feel confident in your decisions. We provide compassionate and comprehensive legal services to individuals and families affected by mental illness.

How We Can Help

Attorney Gary Zalkin, uses a holistic approach that combines an insider’s knowledge of clinical, institutional and medical issues with a thorough understanding of the law. His in-depth knowledge of mental health has contributed to the practice of Mental Health Law in Massachusetts. He is the author of Westlaw’s Massachusetts Practice Series Mental Health Law chapter on Guardianship, Conservatorship and their alternatives, as well as other articles for providers, attorneys and families. Learn more about our practice.

We serve clients in the following mental health practice areas: