Relatives of family members with mental illness often want to step in when a loved one makes decisions that may be harmful to themselves. A legal Guardian, often a family member or other trusted third party, allows families to protect the non-financial interests of their loved one. Guardianship in Massachusetts can be granted when a judge determines that individuals do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves.

How We Can Help

Zalkin Law Firm represents families who are concerned for the safety and well-being of a loved one. We can help you determine whether Guardianship is the most helpful solution, or if a different strategy might be more effective or efficient. Our lawyers have a solid understanding of both the clinical and legal issues affecting individuals and families who are thinking about Guardianship, and will guide you along the best path for your situation.

Families concerned that relationships might become strained when the Guardian will need to make difficult or unpopular decisions are sometimes reluctant to serve in this role. When appropriate, a lawyer at Zalkin Law Firm can act as sole Guardian, or as co-Guardian along with a family member, allowing the family to make the more routine decisions while we make the unpopular decisions or set limits.